Getting better UX work: Designing your UX portfolio

Ian Fenn


A UX portfolio should ideally include the following:

  • Cover page – set the scene
  • About [you] – explain UX/introduce yourself
  • Client list – demonstrate experience
  • Case studies – demonstrate experience
  • Additional projects – demonstrate experience
  • Training – illustrate learning
  • Client testimonials – social proof

Putting photos of people sticking post-it notes onto a wall is really boring.

Define your approach and deliverables.

Some rules for selecting case studies to include in your UX portfolio:

  • No mediocre work
  • Eliminate projects that are too similar
  • Choose projects that represent your best work and what you want to do – so don’t include simple documentation projects if you don’t want to be a wireframe monkey

Use S.T.A.R. when writing your case studies:

  • Situation – the situation in which you found yourself
  • Task – what did you have to achieve>
  • Action – what you did and why you did it
  • Result – the outcome of your actions

Approach your portfolio as you would a design project.

Ian Fenn's eBook on creating portfolios

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