My name is Irene Melo.

I do all things UX (User Experience) related, often wearing a Business Analyst or Product Manager hat.

Things I do include:

  • customer research
  • requirements elicitation
  • create user stories; design user journeys
  • prototype and mock-up (Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Balsamiq)
  • expert walkthroughs; usability testing
  • SEO, content copywriting
  • iterative/continual improvement
  • challenge people out of their comfort zones
  • questioning decisions; advocating customer evidence-led decision-making

I have done consultancy work on UX and SEO and have been involved in the decision-making for strategic decisions in these areas, mainly relating to Web-based solutions.

I’ve got a very pragmatic approach to work and I embrace challenges with a calm spirit and a can-do attitude.
With my work I help improve an organisation’s image, help them communicate more effectively with their customers, and save on costs, by analysing customer behaviour online and addressing their needs, allowing them to complete tasks using a less costly and (virtually) omnipresent channel (the Web).

I am an Open Data enthusiast.
I love cats, tea, and reading. I can combine all these things together in perfect harmony.

I’m also a bit of a geek and a published writer.

And I live in Cambridge, UK.

Talks and conferences

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