UX Scotland 2018: day 2 takeaways

A summary of day two of UX Scotland 2018.
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Web Summit 2016 take aways

It was my first time at the Web Summit. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve attended various conferences over the years, but Web summit is not like a conference.
There is a constant buzz and movement of people, with all the pros anc cons that it brings. It’s intense and can be a little overwhelming too.

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Should government websites look fancy?

Recent years have seen in increase in government websites stepping away from the traditional ‘template’ for government sites (especially local authorities), towards more user-centred modern-looking interfaces.

Liverpool.gov.uk – a pioneer

In the past, most local authorities websites were organised using the same structure based on the [EDIT: replaced LGSL by LGNL] Local Government Navigation List (LGNL) and built upon ‘rigid’ old-fashioned platforms.
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