UX Cambridge 2015: day 2 take-aways

Keynote: The centrality of design

Josh Brewer‘s talk was about the role of design in businesses and how design is increasingly becoming part of a company’s DNA.
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UX Cambridge 2015: day 1 take-aways

Keynote: Working beyond the brief

This year’s conference started with Anna Kirah and Meriel Lenfestey ‘s keynote Working beyond the brief.

There were 5 key points covered:

  • Answer the right brief
  • Success is not personal
  • Be brave, not rude
  • Be creative in your approach
  • Fight the right battles

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A very quick guide on how to write effective newsletters and events’ listings

I am a relative active member of the local tech/UX community and sometimes I’m surprised by how hard to read some of the events’ listings are.

In Cambridge there are heaps of things happening all the time, so if you’re like me, you don’t have much time to spend reading in details everything that comes across your twitter feed or email inbox.

That is why I decided to write this short post with some guidelines that are very easy to follow and will considerably improve the experience of the reader, along with the effectiveness of your listings.
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