UX Cambridge 2014: overall prognosis

I have made an individual analysis of the sessions for each of the 3 days of the conference, but I think it’s useful go get a general feel of what we might get out of it.

Based on the published programme at the time of writing this post, the three areas warranting major focus at this year’s conference are Business, Research, and Design.

The graph below shows that Agile is receiving less focus, and there is a balance between Technical, Career-related, and Accessibility topics.

General sessions feel

This trend doesn’t come as a massive surprise.

The relationship between UX and the Business has always been a much-discussed topic, but as the subject of Usability and Customer/User Experience becomes more widely embraced, the nature of this relationship has changed and we now generally collaborate with better informed stakeholders.

Working in such a fast-paced industry, we’re regularly faced with new Design challenges and innovations. This means that our methods of Research must, likewise, evolve and adapt to different realities and contexts.

Sitting in a room with the research subject is not enough anymore. With technology becoming increasingly ubiquitous, we need to change contexts. The question is not anymore how users get from A to B, but how will a user navigate your website on their mobile phone, in a busy cafe, using a 4G connection?

Returning speakers

Another thing that I thought would be interesting to see is how many of the speakers are return speakers. This is what I found:

All in all, this is a conference I’m looking forward to attend. All days offer an interesting mix of topics that are relevant to my job in one way or another and I believe most sessions will add value to any UX professional, experienced or inexperienced.
In the end of the day, it is up to us to take the most out of a conference too, by engaging in sessions, asking questions, and challenging views.

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