UX Cambridge 2014: Day 2 preamble

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Day 2 sessions synopsis

The programme for day two of UX Cambridge 2014 offers more research and business oriented sessions than the first day.

The session The Dirty Word of UX Design: Management is based on several months worth of interviews with some of the world’s top designers. Alisan Atvur will present stories of success and lessons learned in strengthening the role of designers within organisations.

The first sessions focusing on user research are delivered by Emma Millington who will give a tutorial on user recruitment, and Lorisa Dubuc who’s workshop That’s interesting – can you tell me a bit more about that?”: User Research skills 101 will be like a crash course on user research, promising to cover various research methodologies.

Cathy Wang will show how to craft an experience strategy in a talk that promises to show where / how to place experience strategy in a business, and how it can help bring success to the business.

The session Usability testing with young children, as the name suggests, is a report on how to design for younger audiences. It is delivered by Monica Ferraro who specialises in children-centred design.

Just before lunch, we’ll have Sophie Freiermuth introducing the UX Quadrant: a tool to map your UX profile and skills, plan your career and recruit UX practitioners.

Alexander Baxevanis will report on how he used Agile UX to improve the  UCAS application process, and Jenny Cham and Paula de Matos will approach the very interesting subject of patents in their session Are we burying our heads in the sand? Exploring issues around intellectual property in UX.

In the afternoon, Adam Parker will tell us his Lessons learned running a remote diary study, followed by Viviana Doctorovich‘s tutorial on how to facilitate workshops with stakeholders, in order to involve them in the design process.

Alongside those two sessions, Marc McNeill and Bonnie Colville-Hyde will be running a 90 minute workshop each, the latter on Agile UX, and the former on how to create UX Comics.

The day then ends with lightening talks, followed by a social event.


General day 2 sessions feel



Day 2 speakers Twitter handles for #uxcam

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