A nice surprise: #Found

Over the last year I have been following the local artist Gareth Wild on a very interesting project that consisted in gathering objects found randomly on the street. This project was #Found. Read the Making of #Found blog here.

Since then I have myself become more aware of what surrounds me and the odd objects that one can find in the most obscure and illogical places.
Now, when I see a lonely glove somewhere, or an earring, or a toy, I can’t help but dwell a bit on the history behind that lost object.

I think it is amazing the stories that lost or abandoned objects can tell us. If not their real stories, the ones that we will inevitable imagine for them.
It’s a bit like archaeology in a sense, I think.

It was therefore with great excitement that I received a lovely black package in my house with a big printed poster of the final product of #Found.

Thank you Gareth for this amazing piece!

The poster is available for sale. Buy the #Found poster here.

I also suggest you follow @Gareth_Wild on Twitter for updates on other of his projects.

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