UX Components Deconstructed

By Jesmond Allen and James Chudley.

Organised by Cambridge Usability Group

Michele Ide-Smith sketchnotes for this event.

Don’t waste webpage space to tell users how ‘awesome’ you are. Make their journey smooth and easy, design an awesome user experiences instead.

On product pages list all of the customers questions and answer them.

User tasks vs business goals on website. Organisations often make the mistake to try to ‘educate’ users.

Use user requirements to focus the content,features and functionality that is shown on the homepage.

Companies often overwhelm users with content users don’t need.

Make good use of webpage space to provide as much useful info as possible and prevent ‘pogoing’.

Task models are invaluable: understand your users decision-making process.

Photos can have powerful impact on your users’ experience. Choose them wisely as you would any other piece of content.

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