UX Cambridge 2012: day 2 takeaways

Keynote: Better product definition with Lean UX and Design Thinking

By Jeff Gothelf

Matthew Pennell’s notes on Jeff Gothelf’s session

Requirements are assumptions. After making assumptions, create hypotheses:


Make decisions based on objective observations.
Defining the right product reduces the time spent building the wrong product.

User Experience Does Not Exist

By Adrian Howard

Matthew Pennell’s notes on Adrian Howard’s session

UX is a reification to describe the job of ppl using a set of skills w diff levels of expertise, from disparate disciplines.

From Darwin to Design

By Stuart Church


Matthew Pennell’s notes on Stuart Church’s session

Mathematical models show that cooperation always brings the best outcomes. Adopt this approach with your users and stkeholders.

Another Darwinian analogy: the handicap principle. Bold design,but poor functionality.


There are similarities in the way animals forage for food and people forage for information.

Optimal theory: behaviours are subject to natural selection,so animals behave in ways close to optimal.

InfoQ video recording of this session.

Sage UX – How Anthropology Can Improve Your UX Practice

By Annette Priest

Matthew Pennell’s notes on Annette Priest’s session

Culture cannot be divorced from biology and adaptation, nor language from culture.

Start designing the user experience from a blank sheet. Forget any assumptions you have, as if you were an alien that just landed here.

What lenses do you use to see the world? Be aware of your own prejudices, assumptions and beliefs when working with others.

Users are more informed and educated. Listen to and mingle with them, because they are the ones leading change.


Small Cognitive Psychology for Big Interaction Design

By Jan Srutek

Matthew Pennell’s notes on Jan Srutek’s session

New data on limit of human short term memory is not “7+/-2” but “4+/-1” chunks of information at once.

Save the users’ memory load (which is short), don’t make users think!

Users learn by exploration:


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