UX Cambridge 2012: #UXBakeOff

Last week was dominated by UX Cambridge conference.

This post is about the the ‘UX Bake Off’ pre-conference event that took place at the The Park at Cambridge Regional College.

The event’s twitter hashtag was #uxbakeoff so you can see what people said and shared, there.

The idea for this event came up at last year’s conference when myself, Richard Caddick, Mark Dalgarno and others started talking about our passion for baking.
I personally am not a great baker, but I find great enjoyment in baking. Most people baked in pairs.

Here are photos of some of the creations:

Richard Caddick and Jenny Willatt


Michele Ide-Smith and Filippa Vajda


Myself and Sarah Lacy


Mark Dalgarno and Alison Macleod


Andy Morris and Chui Chui Tan


Jacqui Davidson, Andy Morris, Chui Chui Tan, Michele Ide-Smith, Revathi Nathaniel

Andy Morris and Richard Caddick

Richard Hare, Sedef Gavaz, Jacqui Davidson and Tursan

Jacqui Davidson

Chef Phil being photographed by Cara Hanman

Inga Spouse, Ryan Haney, Dan Shane and Richard Hare

Francis Rowland and Ryan Haney

Other photos:


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