Using Open Data and Crowdsourcing to develop CycleStreets talk

Last 26 April I’ve organised a talk, on my duties as the YPG rep for BCS East Anglia.
The talk was about how the website CycleStreets have been developed using Open Data and crowdsourcing.
The speaker was Martin Lucas-Smith, one of the main developers of the website.

The event was rather well attended, with about 28 people turning up.
Martin started by giving a bit of background to the project and followed by explaining what technologies and data sources were used to bring it to life.

CycleStreets is a website (and mobile App) that allows anyone to map cycle journeys. It also has a feature to allow uploading photos and geo-tagging them. For example, a photograph of a good bicycle parking area, etc.

The map data used comes from the OpenStreetMap project.

The whole crowdsourcing process is very interesting. I recommend taking a look at Martin’s presentation slides, provided below.

One of the things that interests me the most in this kind of project is how this shows that opening data brings enormous benefits to society. At a very low cost.

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