New life

The past couple of months have been mad!
Firstly, I have decided to do a slight turn on my BA career.
For years I have increasingly developed an interest in Human Computer Interaction and all aspects of Usability and ever since I attended a conference in London about Business Analysis and User Experience I have become very serious about it.
Therefore, I now work on a new role that allows me to use my BA skills with a focus on UX, thus my self denomination of ‘user-centred BA’.
My new job title is somewhat vague and little descriptive of the true nature of the role, but coming up with a short meaningful description would be a difficult venture that would no doubt lead to debatable results, especially taking in consideration the line of business I am now working in.

So far I am very happy about my choice. This is the turn I was looking for on my career at this stage and I feel I can go far in this field. In some aspects I feel more a true BA in this role than I felt before because of the increasing level of responsibility I have been given and the variety of projects I have been involved in.

Furthermore, in this role I have the opportunity to make a good impact on people’s online experience. For the near future I’ll be working on how to best receive feedback from these people.

On a more personal side there have been changes as well. Along with starting a new job I have moved to a new (bigger) house. I was looking forward to this day for several months.
Unfortunately the move wasn’t as smooth as I would like it to have been. The lettings agency I was dealing with tried to keep part of my deposit at all costs until I showed them I was serious about taking them to court.
All is well that ends well, but these things drain one’s energy, especially when one’s adjusting to several new circumstances in life.

Oh well, this has passed now and I can say, all in all, it was a change for better.

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