User Stories Applied, for Agile Software Development

User Stories Applied, for Agile Software Development

This book was lent to me by a senior Business Analyst who works for Lloyds TSB. She said she always keeps the book at hand to consult when needed.
I already had some basic notions of agile development and even participated in a workshop in the past, but this book gave me a deeper insight into the agile methodology and scrum.
Its structure is very easy to follow and it is written in a very user-friendly manner what makes reading it a smooth activity.
The author is clearly an apologist of the agile methodology and, as all ‘agile-ists’ I’ve met so far, he defends that business requirements documents are a waste of space; instead, a compilation of user stories could do the job.
While I agree that the flexibility of the agile approach is very appropriate for the dynamic climate of the IT market, I am still a bit traditionalist in what regards requirements documentation.
Those lengthy ‘The system shall…’ documents with picky language that makes everyone fall asleep reading them are, in my opinion, a rigid approach to a software development project, and with the demands for having the right solution ready to go live on time it might represent just a pebble in the shoe of any project manager. However, some sort of documentation is always needed, if for nothing else, at least for contract and SLA sake, as such I believe it is still important to spend some time in documentation of requirements.
In sum, the book shows an experienced perspective on agile development from a biased but still valid viewpoint.
The point here is not whether or not to use agile, but how to use it well and successfully and this book is a very good manual to aid in the process.

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